At Water Spring, “Quality and Service” is our standing motto. As one of the groundbreakers for bottled purified water stores, our doors opened for business in 1987 to provide safe drinking water to our local Bay Area community. Water Spring owner, Sawyer Schafer, is proud to provide water purified by the highest quality processing equipment available and his knowledgeable employee team will always be on-the-spot to welcome and to assist you.

One visit to our store and you will experience a unique, educational, spotlessly clean showroom to buy water or to purchase any of our water-related products (crocks, stands, hot/cold dispensers, all sizes of bottles and water carriers, water pumps…and much more).

Our water is digitally tested on a daily basis for purity. In-line WATER QUALITY ANALYSIS METERS allow our customers to see the quality of pure water available at Water Spring. Samples are sent regularly to a certified lab and results are clearly posted for our customers to review. Water Spring water facility is licensed by the state of California.

Learn how we purify our water through an eight-stage purification process on-site.  Stop by and see us soon!

2644 Homestead Road, Santa Clara, CA 95051