STAGE 1: Softener

The first stage in our state-of-the-art purification process is Ion Exchange. This is a bead resin which calcium and magnesium minerals lock on to. There they are held until a potassium based brine is introduced to rinse and exchange the hard water. Potassium is a more saluable mineral and is more easily purified in stage four, the heart of Water Spring's system.

STAGE 2: Backwash

In the second stage, the source water containing chlorine, passes over a surfice area greater than five football fields of high-grade nutshell carbon. This is designed to absorb the chlorine. The nutshell carbon was selected over standard carbon because of the quality, duribility and the ability to lock on the chlorines without breaking down. The nutshell carbon acts as a vacuum, sucking in and then holding on until the scheduled charcoal bed change is performed. New carbon is changed on a usage basis.

STAGE 3: Sediment Filter

In this stage, a twenty micron sediment filter ( a micron is one millionth of a meter, or .0004 inches) is designed to filter out the larger preticulate matter such as sand, silt, rust, pollens or basically most anything seen by the naked eye.

STAGE 4: Reverse Osmosis
The heart of our system is a commercial sized thin film composite reverse osmosis system. Thin film composite was selected because it has the highest reduction of particulate matter. Another advantage is that micro organisms are unable to penetrate the film. How our R.O. works is that under pressure the water molecule is squeezed through a semi-permeable film. Since the water molecule has such a small structural build is able to penatrate the R.O membrane. While such things as heavy metals, salts, nitraits, and microrganisms stay behind because they are made up of a larger structural mass.

STAGE 5: Ozone

Since we have removed in previous stages, the chlorines and chemicals that were put there to kill micro-organisms replaced chlorine with ozone. The water is pure at this stage and we want to keep it that way. Ozone is a non-chemical form of an oxidant which, from a perspective, "blows up" any kind of bacteria in the place of chlorine.

STAGE 6: UV Rays

Ultra-Violet Rays (UV Rays) are an important part in the purification process in that they act like a toxin to any remaining micro-organisms. Then we still take it one step further.

STAGE 7: Carbon Filter Polish
As a final polish, the water passes through an advanced activated carbon filter. This insures that we are providing our customers with the purist water possible.